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What's the EXPERIENCE you can expect from working with me?

During our time together - I'll ask you to make out. Like, a lot.


If you have a partner that hates photos - don't worry. I'm a professional "I hate photos" fiancé flipper.  (Wow. Try saying that 10 times fast!)

By the end of our time together, they'll ask when they can model for me next.


I'm a huge believer in over-packing for Wedding Day. Rose gold nail polish, tummy teas, hooty/warmies heatable stuffed animals, bobby pins... etc.

I'm a chronic over-shooter. This means I deliver a lot of outtakes or "memeable" photos. Let a girl know if you want examples of these ;)

I like to be everywhere and seemingly nowhere on Wedding Day. Sometimes photographers get caught up in the "art" and forget that it's YOUR day. Your memories. I will NEVER forget this. I'm there to be your best friend, hold the veil, lift and bustle the dress and all while making sure I get *the* shot without blocking grandma's view.


My Photography Style:

Butt grabs. Veil tossing. Make-out Sessions. Wet Willies. Heartfelt letters. Romantic candles. Flower overload. Laughs with snorts. Squinty smiles. Wind-blown hair. Snuggles. Happy tears. Piggy-back rides. Man tears.

Collections begin at $5200 including a complimentary
Engagement Session, an all-day assistant, print credit, and more.

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