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frequently asked questions...

Q: What can I expect from hiring you?

A: Please see "Wedding" tab for this particular answer (it's a heftier one that deserves it's own space!)

Q: What is the difference between an Assistant and a Second Shooter? What's preferred?

A: An Assistant is someone who is hired to be an extra set of hands during Wedding Day. They do not photograph, which is why I prefer them! Too many times on Wedding Day I've needed an extra set of hands to hold equipment so that I can quick fix your veil or hold up your dress for a specific shot - only to have a Second Shooter who's already holding their own equipment. I'm naturally a very quick shooter and love being involved with all aspects of Wedding Day - even the men's party who can get a little rowdy (but trust me, this 5 foot woman hold's her own!). I'm also more than capable of getting both couples' reactions during the Ceremony with appropriate placement and a zoom lens. One photographer doesn't mean that you'll miss the man tears or walking down the aisle which is a big misconception!

A Second Shooter is a hired (and trained) extra photographer for your Wedding Day. I do not include this with my pre-made packages for the reasons named above, although you're more than welcome to ask about adding them to your package! They are added at a rate per hour that includes their personal payment for labor along with the extra time and editing going through a double set of images from the day.

Q: Do you Photoshop images?

A: Photoshopping of images is done via my discretion. Certain couples portraits are a "vision" in my head that can only be created with extra computer work. Or there's ocassionally an item in the background that's an after fix I've already accounted for.

However, I do not photoshop people. Your Wedding Day is about real and honest memories. While I've definitely got your back if you've got that one blemish that popped up the morning of, it is not in the job description for majority of photographers to turn you into someone you're not, fix tan lines, embarrassing sunburns, etc.

Just trust that I've got your best angles in mind and an eye for beautiful light! And stay away from too much sun or orange self-tanners the month leading up to your Wedding Day! ;)

Q: Have you shot at my Venue before? Does this matter?

A: I've photographed at a fair number of venues - but to be 100% transparent, no, it doesn't matter.

My couples in the past have loved finding diamonds in the rough when it comes to venues, so most times it is my first time there! But a good photographer knows their style and lighting.


You're hiring me for my experience to look around the venue and quickly make a decision for where is going to be the most incredible spot for whatever photo situations.

If you're local and nervous about it (or just wanting my opinion), I can even meet you at your venue before Wedding Day to scout out locations and given a personal opinion on Ceremony placement as well.


If we're booked together ahead of time, I usually recommend going to your venue around the time of year as your Wedding Date to see how the lighting is going to fall during that season. This helps you choose 1. Which direction your Ceremony should be placed (if there's an option to rearrange). You wouldn't want light streaming right into your eyeballs. And 2. What time your Ceremony should be at. Do you want your Ceremony during Sunset, right after for Couples Portraits, or even earlier so we can come back out during your Reception for Golden Hour portraits. It's all up to you! But I'm here to help.

Q: What is one thing you wish everyone knew about hiring a photographer?

A: Choosing your photographer is a lot like choosing your future spouse! You should share similar personalities, values, and feel like it's "just right". There are so many talented people out there - never ever settle for less than your photographer soulmate.


Photos are a forever tangible memory. You won't remember a dozen less peonies, but you will feel the regret of less than professional photos.


Please choose someone you can trust! 

Q: How will we receive our images?

A: All couples receive their images via (temporary) Online Gallery, that is divided into sections like Getting Ready, Ceremony, Family Formals, etc. You will receive a personal link and download pin. You're welcome to share this link and pin as you wish so that family members can help themselves versus making lots of work for you in asking for certain pictures or prints... Let's just let you enjoy your dang photos!

You can download all photos to a computer somewhere safe (recommended), but you also have the option of single phone downloads for easy social media sharing.

Q: What is the process should we decide to move forward with booking?

A: I like to make booking an easy and simple process!

Your first deposit reserves your date and lets me tell other couples that I'm unavailable! The most popular booking choice is 50/50%, but I customize here and there because I know what it's like to get all of these different vendors also booked.


As long as you're paid in-full 30 days prior to Wedding Day and understand that any payments made are non-refundable, we can always work something out! We always decide our payment plan and schedule ahead of time, all dates and payments are in your contract, and I also add those (and week prior reminders) to my own personal calendar because I know life gets busy, especially planning a Wedding!

(I accept checks, cash, and credit cards.)

Q: What if we don't need the complimentary engagement session?

A: To put it simply - You're getting one. haha

I don't mean to be bold, but having the engagement session is complimentary for a reason! This allows me to get to know you both personally and in terms of photography!

I love to get to know what really gets your partner to belly laugh, who's ticklish, and who's maybe a little camera shy and needs a quieter session. I also think it's important for you to get to know me. Some people are terrified to be photographed, sweating like crazy by the time I get near them. It's important to me to let you or that person know, that this is going to be easy and fun! It is 100% the least of your worries.

You're also more than welcome to customize the session however you'd like! In-home, outdoors, coffee date, arcade date, cookie shop, greenhouse, the kids invited along (or dogs, please dogs!!!) ... Whatever feels like the two of you, I'm down!

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