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about me...

It all began when I didn't want to take gym class in high school....

JUST KIDDING. Not really haha.

Okay, Okay - Here's the scoop. 

My name is Taylor (Slusser) and yes, I didn't want to take gym class in high school so I opted for Yearbook instead...

Fell in love with photography,

Saved all of my ice cream scooping and serving dollars to buy a camera,

Earned my BFA from Kutztown University,

All while driving back and forth every weekend to photo sessions,

And also working for the Film and Digital Labs at school...

In Summation: It was worth it.

A lot has changed since I graduated in 2012:

I became a (blended) family of 7 (pictured above)

(The OG fam was my brother (pictured right), my mom, and I)

We added a dog (Shadow)

And I work for myself!

She's the best boss I've ever had.

But a lot hasn't changed as well:

I'm marrying my high school prom date, jokes on 16 year old me!

(Sometimes he comes to Weddings!)

About the same number of freckles,

Same 5 ft 1" height...

Still in love with photography (probably the most important part)

Andddd still obsessed with dogs. (Plot twist - we just added another - Sadie!)

Did I mention my dogs?

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